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“Once a Monsod baby, always a Monsod baby.”


I took Econ 100.1 last semester so that I could finally escape the ECON series offered in our curriculum. I found out that last semester’s 100.1 was under Prof. Solita Monsod. I didn’t hesitate to take this course because it was a dream come true to be one of her students. Luckily, I got this subject on the CRS (Computerized Registration System) and that luck prevented me to wait on the long lines during E-prerog.

I was accompanied with my “econ buddies” during the whole semester. We were inside an auditorium filled with 100+ students of different majors. We always sit at the 3rd or 4th row in front to fully understand the things that Prof. Monsod is talking about. I could understand the first few lectures the we had with her (Concepts of Macroeconomics, Supply and Demand, blah blah). As the weeks go on, everything’s starting to randomize and I could hardly understand what she is saying. I even tried recording her voice during lectures so that I could review those recordings afterwards. I could still remember the lecture day when her phone kept on ringing and she didn’t know how to put it in silent mode (HEHE). We also have this so-called “teacher fellows”. They are the ones who will again discuss what we had on the lecture with Prof. Monsod and they should make it easier for us to understand.

The result of my first exam was really horrible. I just got 32 points out of 100 and I was really disappointed during that time. I said to myself that I should do my best in order to pass this course. If I fail, I wouldn’t have the chance to graduate on time (which is on 2014). I kept on working hard, answered all the problem sets, and  nailed the 2nd and 3rd exams. I was again disappointed when I got a low score on our 4th exam. This subject’s passing rate was 50 and my average after the 4 Long Exams was 51. I started to get nervous for I had the feeling that I might fail this course. 😦

My Econ buddies and I reviewed all-day long until the final judgement. The results of the Final exam and Final grades came out on the 31st of March and I was surprised with what I saw. I got a final average of 55.31, a grade of 3. Others may think that I got a low grade on this course, but in my perspective, getting a 3 in this subject was a miracle and a prayer answered by God. I took a deep breath and said, “Finally! I conquered my Econ subjects!” 🙂

What did I do to pass this course?

– I took down notes, listened carefully to the discussions

– Answered all the problem sets

– Reviewed very well when there is an upcoming test

– Group review (with my econ buddies)

– Trust to myself and Faith to God 🙂

Once a Monsod baby, always a Monsod baby. I will forever cherish the moment when I had Prof. Monsod as my lecturer. To all the students out there, don’t be afraid to take this course under Prof. Monsod. There might be obstacles ahead, but those challenges will make you stronger as you go on to your journey. Never give up, have faith, and keep on believing. :))

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