REVIEW: My Disappointing LBC Shipping Cart Experience

Gone are the days when people used to ask their relatives or friends in the US to ship imported goods right at their doorsteps. There are already a lot of freight forwarders that have emerged in the past couple of years. One of them is LBC’s Shipping Cart.

I have been dying to buy some goodies in the US since time immemorial. I actually have some relatives and friend there but I do not want to hassle them with my precious goodies.

I browsed the internet for information on some frieght forwarders. I found Shipping Cart first. 

(c) shippingcart.com

I also looked for reviews and personal experiences of their customers. I was impressed that they offer consolidation services for multiple packages. They offer the cheapest rates among the rest and they guarantee fast service and delivery. I gave LBC Shipping Cart a shot because hello? It’s LBC! I am one of their loyal and satisfied clients here in the Philippines. I never doubted them so in short, I TRUST THEM.

My first order was a Kindle case with a LED Light from Amazon. I used my dad’s BPI credit card to proceed with my purchase. I typed in Shipping Cart’s warehouse address in Hayward, California then I checked my item out. My item’s ETA at the warehouse was July 1. Since I got too excited, I ordered two more items, an FM transmitter and a dozen of Sharpie Highlighters. These items were also estimated to be delivered on July 1.
Package 1 and 2 – Successfully arrived at their warehouse (July 1)

I was in Bolinao that time so I was indeed happy when I received their e-mail. I said to myself that I will just wait 2-3 days for my items to be encoded. When I got home, I told my mom about Shipping Cart and how we could order stuff in US. She asked me to buy her some items in Amazon. I checked out 3 items for my 3rd package (so all in all, I already have 6 items with them). The 3rd package arrived ay their warehouse on July 6.

Package 3 –  Successfully arrived at their warehouse (July 6)

As of today, July 11, all of my items are not yet encoded and uploaded in my storage. I contacted their customer service via e-mail for more than 10 times already only to receive 2 responses WITH THE SAME REASONS. They said that they are still on the process of finishing their backlogs, big volume of shipments they are receiving, etc. In my opinion, they should stop accepting new packages or new clients until everything is already sorted out. I am completely dismayed and unsatisfied with how they handle customers like us. I did some research and found out that some well-known personalities received their items WITHOUT EXPERIENCING ANY DELAYS AND HASSLE.

In addition to that, Shipping Cart does not have a contact number or hotline. Their US warehouse does not have other contact options. I could only reach them in the US thru e-mail. How would I even know that my items are in good hands and make sure that they are really in queue for processing? I am so disappointed to SC for not giving me real-time updates regarding my parcels.

I am currently talking to an admin on their Twitter account (oh btw, he/she started to ignore me again.) Their FB page sucks for not responding to my queries and follow-ups. I’ll give you guys an update regarding my items and how LBC will fix this.

Update 7/12/16 around 3 pm – I contacted LBC’s hotline and I was able to talk to Marissa. She told me that she will inform their team in the US regarding my problem. 

Update 7/13/16 (12:09 AM) – Packages 1 and 2 were uploaded in my storage. Finally after 11 days! I am still waiting for package 3 to be uploaded but I might ship my 2 parcels ahead because I badly need the kindle case and sharpie highlighters. Let’s see how long will they consolidate my items.

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