1. Marry the man I love and have a simple family
  2. Buy my own house
  3. Be a lawyer
  4. Nail the bar exam
  5. Travel to Paris with ♥
  6. Travel around the world with my family
  7. Donate to the charity
  8. Witness an Aurora Borealis
  9. Visit ALL tourist attractions in the Philippines
  10. Fall asleep while watching the stars
  11. Experience snow
  12. Own a cat
  13. Be seen on television
  14. Be heard on the radio singing
  15. Compose my own song
  16. Publish my poems
  17. Say ‘I love you’ to my mom and dad.. face-to-face
  18. Own a business
  19. Read over 500+ books
  20. Get drunk!
  21. Ice skating!
  22. Sing along with my boyfriend
  23. Own a bigger piano 🙂
  24. Witness a surprise
  25. Organize a major surprise
  26. Bake a cake
  27. Become a chef \m/
  28. Be a photographer for a day
  29. Be a model for a day
  30. Have a henna

Still counting…

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